>Songs We Sing @ Vine 8-16-09


(view from our deck at the beach 2 weeks ago, so nice, so nice)
Currently listening to: “Stall Out” by: Mutemath
8-16-09 Vine
1. Center/Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus (Charlie Hall)
Call to Worship
2. “Our God Saves” by: Paul Baloche
3. “For These Reasons” by: Lincoln Brewster
Offering Moment & School Supply drive
4. “Oh The Love of My Redeemer” by: Harvest Bible Chapel
Scripture and Prayer
Message – Pastor Craig
Prayer Experience
5. “Our God Saves” by: Paul Baloche
Today was the 2nd to last of our Summer Acoustic series. It was just myself on Acoustic guitar /Vocals and Chad Kostella on Electric Guitar/Vocals. It was a good day and this summer series I think has helped people grow and feel more comfortable to sing. I saw more hands raised and more people engaged today. That is always beautiful to see. We’ll see how things go when we add the full band back and a few weeks šŸ™‚ I’m excited to play with all the guys again at one time and ready to pull out my electric guitar! Plus we have a few new tunes to put into our song list for the coming semester. I am wondering how many new songs other leaders are putting into there core of tunes this coming year or if you even plan that? Anyone got any thoughts on that?
For those new to my blog check out Fred Mckinnon’s site and his Sunday Set List Blog to see what other leaders are doing on Sundays like myself.

3 thoughts on “>Songs We Sing @ Vine 8-16-09

  1. >Love scaling back to the stripped down sets sometime.I think sometimes people think the "passion" or "energy" level is less because there is less musicians, but I think if you just turn your heart to Heaven and rock it people see and connect with the authenticity more than the volume.Thanks for sharing this week!

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