>Songs We Sing @ Vine 8-23-09


(this is artwork from one of our artists @ Vine)
Currently listening to “You Gotta Move” by: Ashley Cleveland
1. “Take My Life” by: Passion Hymns
Call to Worship
2. “Holy, holy, holy” by: Steven Curtis Chapman
3. “Jesus Messiah” by: Chris Tomlin
4. “For these Reasons” by: Lincoln Brewster
Message – Pastor Mike
5. “Jesus Paid is All” by: North Point Worship
This last Sunday was the last day of our “Acoustic Summer” series. It was just me on Vocals, & Acoustic guitar, Stan Castor on Piano/Rhodes and Jess Kostella on Vocals. Going acoustic for the whole summer has proved to be a good thing for our congregation. We’ve seen more people engaging with the words, the tunes and each other like we’ve not seen since we started this worship gathering. It’s been nice. The first few weeks were a little rocky but things quickly improved. Next week the full band comes back and I’m pretty stoked about that!
Check out Fred Mckinnon’s website and the Sunday Set List blog to see what other leaders are doing around the globe.

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