>Songs We Sing @ Vine 9-06-09


Currently Listening to: “Upstairs CD” by: Shane & Shane
1. “Lord of Lords” by: Brooke Fraiser
2. “Doxology” by: David Crowder Band
– Lords Prayer in Unison –
3. “Beautiful One” by” Tim Hughes
4. “Mighty to Save” by: Mac Powell version
Offering Moment
5. “Our Great God” by: Fernando Ortega
Message – Pastor David
Prayer walk
6. “The Solid Rock” by: Charlie Hall Band
Today was one of those days where everything went well I guess. The whole vibe of things was a little down this week after last week’s crazy high that people experienced. Nothing wrong with that. It just wasn’t exciting to me. Hmmmm. I think we as the church and first and foremost myself want things to always be perfect or look and feel a certain way. What’s wrong about this is if I don’t feel that way then I usually think I have done something wrong or that God didn’t bless us with his spirit because of me. This is performance based thinking, prideful, selfish and sad. Allot of times this is because of a critical spirit. I never feel blessed if I’m critical of anything @ church or worried about someone else’s critical spirit no matter what it is or how justified it might be. We are a selfish people & I am a selfish person. Even if I can’t see past my own junk I know God’s spirit was active today washing over the broken, the lost, the lonely, the hurting family, the addicted, the complicated divorce, the cancer stricken, the pastors, the musicians, the struggling marriage, the college student, child and the elderly. I’m so glad I was there. God you are good and I’m glad I’m yours. Help me to better the skills you have given me and improve in areas I’m not very skilled. Help me to follow you, not others, but you. Help me improve communication and organization in my life. Help me to call people when I say I’m gonna call them. To pray for them when I say I’m gonna pray for them. Finish things I start or say I’m gonna do for someone. Help me to say no sometimes. Help me to see people as your children. Remind me of other peoples needs and your heart for them. This week would you show the people you have on your heart. Help me to love and serve my wife and love my son more. Father thank you for those people you have placed in my life for this season. They are a blessing to myself and my family.
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