>Songs We Sing @ Vine 9-20-09

>Currently Listening to: “Brother, Sister” (CD) by: Mewithoutyou

(This CD recreates the word creative)
1. “Open the Eyes of my Heart” (chorus only)
2. “I Surrender” by: Upper Room (great version!)
::The Lords Prayer in Unison::
3. “Because of Your Love” by: Paul Baloche
4. “How Great Thou Art”
5. “How Deep the Fathers Love for Us” by: Stuart Townend
Message – Pastor Mike
Prayer Dance by: Gillian Fazio
::Prayer Experience::
6. “The Solid Rock” by: Drew Cline
Today was a spirit filled day. Pastor Mike talked about King Manassah and the prayer of the Unworthy. It was a sermon I needed to hear. It was one of those sermons all Ragamuffin’s need to hear. We sang allot of hymns on purpose today. Such deep truth in these tunes. We called the Lord to open the eyes of our hearts, surrendered, praised Gods love and heard about the depth of His love for us, and lastly sang of having faith to stand on the rock of Christ. I enjoyed praying these words through music today. I’m very thankful for my pastors.
If you want to see what other leaders are doing around the globe check out Fred Mckinnon’s site and the Sunday Set List blog.

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