>Songs We Sing @ Vine 9-27-09


(the mailbox I made for our “Going Postal” series.
Today was it’s last day) 🙂
Currently listening: the new “David Crowder Band” CD “Church Music”
Today is my first time just sitting and listen to it. So good. So good.
1. Come Thou Fount/Beautiful One by: Matthew Smith (add chorus Tim Hughes)
the Lords Prayer in Unison
2. “Hosanna” by: Paul Baloche
3. “In the Shadow of the Glorious Cross” by: Sojourn Church
4. “Lead me to the Cross” by: Brooke Fraser
Message – Cecelia Moore
5. “Lead me to the River to pray” sung by: Lightshine (high school choir)
Prayer Experience
6. “How Great Thou Art” by: Paul Baloche
Band today was me on acoustic guitar and vocals. The lovely Nikki McConnell on lead and BGV’s, Michelle Holseth on BGV’s, and Hannah Weldon (new college student at “Florida Southern” on Acoustic String Bass. Yes, today was another acoustic sunday due to the church’s play going on and our sound crew consisting of one today. Thank you Dan Renz. You were a many hats on Sundays. Thank you for your spirit and patience! Also thank you David Bailey (regular sound guy) for coming in before your sons ball game to help set levels. You are awesome for doing that. It was cool having Hanna play the acoustic string bass. It was a nice sound and cool vibe mixed with my acoustic guitar. I felt like the set went smooth and that people responded well to the songs. Today I really felt a heavy burden in the room as we sang so I was in a constant state of prayer even while singing. God is good and faithful and it was a great to hear Ceclie Moore’s message about prayer. I’m sad today was our last day for the “Going Postal” series on prayer looking at the prayers of the kings in the bible. I love Cecelia’s heart and how she cares for us. I love that bout all our pastors.
Well, driving home on my scooter today I was again struck by the beautify of lakeland and that I’m ready for some new songs 🙂 The band is back in swing next week and we’ll be bringing back Revelation Song again! Thank you god for such a beautiful song and Kim Walker for such and amazing version. Got to get ready for Small Group here in a bit. Tonight is Italian night. So nikki made Cupcakes with the Italy’s flag on it 🙂 Mmmmmm. Now if small group involved us watching soccer that would be even greater! I don’t think the women will want to do that tonight 🙂 ha.
Check out Fred Mckinnon’s site and the Sunday Set List blog to see what other leaders like myself are doing on sundays.

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