>Songs We Sing @ Vine 10-11-09


(picture from this past Sunday am @ Vine)
Currently listening to: “Seeing things” CD by: Jakob Dylan
1. “Glory to God Forever” by: Fee
Scripture reading
2. “The Highest Praise” by: The Fathers House
3. “I Stand Amazed” by: Passion worship
4. “Revelation Song” Kim Walker version
5. “Our Great God” by: Fernando Ortega
Message – Pastor Craig
Prayer experience – Creed reading
6. “Glory to God Forever (reprise)” by: Fee
Sunday was a great spirit lead day. I feel really blessed to share such times with the band gang and the whole church family each week. I messed up a good many times on guitar, hitting silly chords or notes here and there. Kind of frustrating. That said, it was just a powerful morning. So, now the real stuff. God is continuing to humble me and yet I still have so far to go which is scary to me. This Sunday he was right their exposing my sin and reminding me of my need for him. I am the farthest thing from perfect. I know, who isn’t right. Honestly I don’t know that word should even exist. There is nothing perfect outside of Jesus. I’m a mess up through and through. I’m prideful, full of habits that have hindered me most of my life, I have control issues birthed out of fears and the list just goes on. It’s a humbling process when I have to sit down with the band prior to the service and ask for their forgiveness for being a jerk. I had hurt Nikki and had to ask first for her forgiveness which I did thankfully. I have had to ask for the bands forgiveness countless times over the past few years. It’s a humbling thing. Anyways I know God loves me and wants to use me even in my state of brokenness. I have had this fear for years that I couldn’t live up to the standard that a worship leader should live up to because of the mess that is me. I’m learning as of late to trust who God is. That He is loving and the blood of Jesus washes me clean. God help me to accept your grace and your love for me. Sunday ended with an amazing night with our small group. I’ve been in small groups for years, but this small group for whatever reason has been such a blessing to our family. So nice. Quinn absolutely loves it. It was a beautiful day in many ways.
Check out Fred McKinnon’s site and the Sunday Set List blog he does so leader alike can learn from each other. It’s been a great help to me since he started it. Thanks Fred.

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