>Songs We Sing @ Vine 10-18-09


(Chad & Jess Kostella, Nikki & HL McConnell @ Black & Brew)
Currently listening to: DJ Preach “American Dirt remix”
1. “Our God Saves” by: Paul Baloche
Welcome & Call to Worship
Prayer in Unison
2. “Savior Like a Shepherd Lead us” vs 1 only (a cappella)
3. “Glory to God Forever” by: Steve Fee
4. “The Blood” by: Matt Redman
5. “Nothing but the Blood” (vs 1 Ch, vs 4 & Ch only)
Offering & Announcements
6. “Our Great God” by: Fernando Ortega
Message – Pastor Mike
7. “In Christ Alone” Matt Papa style
Today was a good day. We had issues with our in-ear monitors that are driving myself and the band nuts. Week in week out we have issues with those dumb things. We have the Aviom system and that’s not to bad, it’s the wireless receivers that are junk and very frustrating. They work, then they don’t. Blah. We also noticed today that we are having speaker issues that are making things sound muddled when everyone is playing or singing together. You know it’s hard to do what your there to do when you have technical issues. So frustrating. 🙂
What was nice and good to was the church engaging with God in prayer and song and the word. I love our pastors and their hearts. Our Fall festival was right after our worship gathering and great to see all the kids and family’s hanging out together. Anyways, that was a great way to end the day outside on the front lawn of the church building overseeing Lake Hollingsworth. Last thoughts in my head this evening are that I really do need to take time off from setting up Sunday mornings. I just don’t have the tech people to set everything up. So I’m going pray for that. Pray for people to set up and tear down the sound gear each week. I do have 1 guy who is very skilled with sound who sets up with me and he’s also one of our drummers. I just need a few more people who are interested in the technical side of sound who can set that stuff up. God is good. I don’t trust him enough not do I seek him enough.

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