>Songs we sing @ Vine 10-25-09


(The band this sunday during sound check)
Currently listening to: “Revolution of the Heart” by: Howard Jones
1. “Glory to God Forever” by: Fee
Welcome & Call to worship
-Scripture reading in Unison-
2. “Come Thou Fount” Verse 1 & 3
3. “Sweetly Broken” :Vineyard “more than ever” version
4. “Revelation song” Kim Walker version
Announcements & Offering
5. “Lord of Lords” by: Brooke Fraser
Message – Pastor Drain
Prayer Experience – Apostles Creed
6. “In Christ Alone” Matt Papa version
Sunday morning was great. period. 🙂 I don’t think I’ve ever said that. ha. That’s because I’m always having to deal with technical issues. Always. Not so this week. Thank you Chad C for coming in Saturday evening with me to set things up and for David B for mixing the sound. Now, I did throw my in-ears to the side of the stage. slightly dramatically. I know it’s not the in-ears, it’s the wireless packs that are screwy. But it felt good to say goodbye to those things for now 🙂 We had placed 2 monitor wedges on stage for this sunday and it made a huge difference. Whooooo!!!! So nice. We played better too because we could hear things and there was just more presence on stage. I could hear the electric guitar and my vocals! That makes a difference. About the music…I was really moved while Nikki lead “Revelation song”. Kari Jobe who? Whatever 🙂 Nikki slammed it and so did the band. She sounded beautiful on every song she lead. All the songs were tight and sounded great. I’m truly blessed to worship with musicians who are not only great at what they do but who are also humble before God. Chad K, Leo, Stan, Chad C, and Nikki, thank you! I’m also very grateful for the sound & tech team who also did a great and they were running low on techies. Closing out Sunday was small group at our house. It’s always a great way to end your weekend. I love the people in our group and watching all 10 kids play together. They have so much fun. I’m humbled to share in the blessing. Thank you God for loving a wretch like me and for the blood of Jesus the only thing that can cover my sin.
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One thought on “>Songs we sing @ Vine 10-25-09

  1. >Tech issues are from the devil.Sounds like a fantastic time of worship. Love to have more details, if any, of Prayer Experience/Apostle's Creed

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