>Songs we sing @ Vine 11-1-09


(Quinn @ “Black & Brew” coffee bar downtown Lakeland. Picture by: Carol Prevatt)
Currently Listening to: “Return to me” by: Matthew Ryan
Matthew is one of my favorite artists. The grit & honesty of his lyrics and delivery hits home with me every time. I don’t know much about him personally but when I listen to his songs I’m always led to see the trueness of my heart. You can find his CD’s on Amazon or iTunes. I like all of his CDs but his debut CD “Mayday” will always be my favorite. It’s a brilliant work of art that’s gritty, rich, and honest. I love it! 🙂
11-1-09 @ Vine
1. “You won’t Relent” by: Misty Edwards
Welcome & Call to Worship
2. “How Great Thou Art” by: Paul Baloche
3. “Glory to God Forever” by: Steve Fee
4. “Jesus Paid it All” by: Kristian Stanfill
Offering & “Cornerstone Dance group”
Testimony – Lisa Scott (That was great! thank you Lisa)
Message – Pastor Mike
Prayer Experience
5. “Desert Song” by: Hillsongs
I’m not sure if it was my not sleeping well last night or what, but I was off today. I heard many great things about today, but I seemed to be distracted by just about everything and therefore found myself not enjoying much. It’s as if I was so performance oriented which is really not my heart, but then again maybe it is. I want things to go so well that people aren’t distracted and therefore encounter God as if God needs my help with that. It’s silly. Right now I’m just thinking I want God to inhabit my space, my praises, my thoughts, my breathing, my everything. I want to sit at his feet and worship him without distraction on Sundays. But then is that a reality we can have here on earth? Sundays are chaotic, full of distractions, with sound issues, baby’s crying, people talking, and other things. And I’m always looking for what needs to be done or who needs to be cared for. I don’t want people to be not be cared for or left behind. It’s just who I am it’s who I’ve always been. I’ve also thought that my frustrations today could be a result of my lack of time spent with God this week. Hmmmm? Perhaps I just think to much and need to relax and take a break. It’s interesting the more things I get frustrated with the more I am brought to my knees and honestly I think that’s right where God wants me and he’s not gonna rest until He finds me there. Funny the first song I chose for this week was “You won’t Relent” by: Misty Edwards. God knows what he is doing and I’m grateful and humbled he is pursues me and loves me.
For those interested in seeing some videos of the band leading I’ve posted 3 on Youtube here for you to check out.
Sweetly Broken by: Jeremy Riddle
Remedy by: David Crowder Band
Lord of Lords by: Hillsongs
If your interested in what other leaders are doing on Sundays
check out Fred McKinnon’s site and the Sunday Set List’s blog.

2 thoughts on “>Songs we sing @ Vine 11-1-09

  1. >We played "Glory To God Forever" and "Jesus Paid It All" – looks like we heard God 🙂 I completely relate to your frustration, but it sounds like everything worked out great and in the process God was able to challenge you and cause you to rely on Him. Thanks for sharing your list and thoughts with us all.

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