>Songs We Sing @ Vine 11-22-09


(Christy & Hailey taking a prayer request off the Cross from familys who recieved food yesterday at our Thanksgiving food box distribution. It was full of requests from every family that came through. That was awesome!)
(currently listening to: 311’s “Uplifter” CD)
1. “Come Thou Fount & Amazing Grace”
– Apostles Creed in Unison
2. “Center/Turn your Eyes” by: Charlie Hall
3. “Your Blood” by: Matt Redman
4. “Lift My Eyes” by: David Crowder
– Message – Pastor Craig
– prayer experience & offering
5. “Jesus Messiah” by: Chris Tomlin
Im writing this from the car on my iphone as we drive to NC for Thanksgiving. I love my iphone! So for me today (Sunday) was much like last week with no stress. I love that. :). The morning was a real blessing as a whole. Michelle Holseth was on Bgv’s & Woody Lowe was on congas. I played acoustic & vocals. Michelle has been on a long hiatus.
It was great to have her back and it’s always great having Mr. Lowe with us making us laugh and keeping the beat creative.
It was more mellow than I usually like but it seemed like it worked.
Check out Fred Mckinnon’s site and the Sunday Set List Blog to see what other leaders are doing around the globe.
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