>Songs We Sing @ Vine 12-20-09


(this Ornament was made by: Jackie Hansen! So cool!)
Currently listening to: “Up to you now” by: Ben Harper & Relentless7
1. “Undiscovered/O Come, Emmanuel” by: Worship Circus
2. “Come Thou Long Expected Jesus” by: RedMountain Church
Welcome & Scripture- Kenny Ellis
3. “Joy to the World” by: Jess Kostella & Nikki
4. ” Joy has Dawned” by: Keith Getty & Stuart Townend
-Lighting Advent Candle & Reading-
5. “What Child is This” by: Bebo Norman
(signing language during “What Child” by:Kristen Milligan
Offering instruction & Vinecares – Kenny Ellis
Message – Pastor Mike
6. “Glory in the Highest/O Holy Night” by: Tomlin/traditional
So, this Sunday was filled with joy, laughter, good teaching, tiredness, stress, beautiful voices and music I could not seem to find the center in. It was a beautiful morning of finding Christ and worshiping him but I found myself struggling to find a balance in the music and therefore was clearly distracted. I love the musicians we have at FPC. Besides being great people, they always learn their parts and work really well together. They are a blessing to me and the church. This Sunday I felt like I was unable to find any groove in the songs with the band. Could it be the curse of christmas songs we only do a few times around christmas? Or just a odd morning? I don’t think most people caught it. But because I felt like I was behind the music most of the set I just couldn’t focus on the words. That made it very distracting for me since the beauty of the morning for me are the words we get to sing to God. Then right after the service was over, like 5 seconds over 🙂 some older lady I had not met before gently explained to me how she couldn’t believe I had everyone sing “Son of Adam, Son of Heaven” from Keith Getty’s hymn “Joy has dawned”. Because she kept saying Jesus was not the son of Adam. She was confused by the lyric and the audacity of me leading that! I was in a daze and wasn’t sure what to say to her other than I’m sorry you are upset, all the while 3 other people were waiting to say something to me. I was a little overwhelmed. I wanted to share with the nice lady that the lyric is very theologically correct. Jesus was human and he was God. I love that! I’ve never had anyone go at me like that before. I also love this song because it tells the whole story of Christ! What songs do that anymore? It’s a beautiful modern hymn. I didn’t want to argue with her. I’m not even sure what I said if I said anything. ha.
Well, back to the service 🙂 My favorite parts were 1. Nikki & Jess leading “Joy to the World”. That was so awesome! and 2. “Glory in the Highest/O Holy Night” which I ended up having the band drop out because I was at one tempo and the band was at another and it just never balanced out so I had us go back and sing it with just acoustic guitar then we went into “O Holy Night”. That was a great moment of the church praising God for sending our Savior. Then right after the Benediction I got accosted by the nice older lady 🙂 funny when I look back at it. God is good and faithful even though I have been so unworthy in my own mind. And yet He sees me as worthy. That’s what amazes me. After tear down we ate lunch at our regular Italian joint that we go to 80% of the time on Sundays, then I went to see “Avatar” with a friend. That was a neat movie for sure. Visually stunning. Then around 9pm Quinn and I bundled up, put our helmets on and hopped on my scooter and drove all over Lakeland looking at Christmas lights. Literally we drove all over the place! Nothing like doing that on a scooter when it’s in the 40’s. We were freezing! But laughing the whole way. It’s chilly in FL right now but by Friday it will be warm again 🙂 Such long winters here 🙂
Check out Fred McKinnon’s site and his Sunday Set List Blog if you want to see what other worship leaders are doing around the globe.

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