>Songs We Sing at Vine 1-3-10


(saw this at the store today and laughed and thought ooh, good idea. Then Nikki kindly reminded me of the Seinfeld episode that still makes me laugh. 🙂
Currently listening to: “Cerulean” CD by: The Ocean Blue (one of my all time favorites)
1. “Be Thou My Vision”
Welcome-Joshua set up
2. “Because of Your love” by: Paul Baloche
3. “I Stand Amazed”
4. “I am Resting, Resting”
Message intro: Chris Craig
Joshua 1:1-11 reading: HL
Message – Chris Craig
Confession Prayer Experience & Offering -Pastor Craig (not Chris Craig) 🙂
5. “The Solid Rock”
Today was a wonderful day. Super chill in the air as I woke up this morning so I opted to drive the car instead of the scooter this morning. I helped set up then came back to pick up the family. The morning was stress free and full of joy and and feeling of awe just knowing God loved me and those around me. That’s how I felt today and still feel 🙂 Mr. Woody Lowe was on percussion and Stan Castor was on the keys and I played acoustic and sang. All my singers were gone today. So it was just me on the vox. Woody and Stan played great and were allot of fun to lead with today. While planning for this weekend I spent time reading over Joshua which is the text for the new series. And I really felt like we needed to sing more hymns than we usually do. (and Chris Craigs encouragement to sing more hymn the week he preached 🙂 We always sings hymns mixed in with modern hymns and worship tunes but I felt like God was wanting us to sing more hymns this week. My common practice for choosing songs mostly comes from time spent in the scripture for the coming sunday. Along with other guideposts I use when choosing. I don’t like to be stuck with a series theme per say when it comes to song choices. Usually that seems to limit what you sing. Atleast that’s been my experience in the past. I want to be very in tune with the scripture being taught and what the heart of God is for his people each week. I don’t always get it right that’s for sure but today it felt right. I jumbled a few words together today like I always do. It’s very common for me to mix two words together and create my own words simply because I get distracted or just mess up. Some times it’s funny. Most times people don’t notice. Or do they? Hmmm. Anyways, Chris Craig’s message was delivered very well. One of the best I’ve heard in awhile. Thank you Chris for sharing from Gods word today. I’m loving the start of the new series on Joshua titled “Welcome to Where You Are: A Guide to Living Well in The Place You’re Put.
I can’t wait till next week!
If your a worship leader or just interested in learning more about worship leadership check out Fred Mckinnon’s site and his Sunday Set list Blog to see what other leaders did today. Enjoy!

One thought on “>Songs We Sing at Vine 1-3-10

  1. >Yo! I love your set, too. I don't recognize all of those tunes, but I get the gist of it. Good stuff. We definitely need to hit up the chop shop sometime. I love that place!

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