>Songs We Sing at Vine 1-10-10


(My new guitar & Jess Kostella, Nikki & HL McConnell this morning)
“Everything About You” By: Chip Greene (one of my favorites)
1. “Center” by: Charlie Hall
2. “Rock of Ages” (acoustic hymn)
Welcome & Scripture lesson
3. “Your Name is Holy” by: Vineyard Music
4. “Sweetly Broken” by: Jeremy Riddle
5. “Lord of Lords” by: Brooke Fraser
Confession Prayer Experience
Bertram Commissioning
6. “Jesus I am Resting, Resting” (acoustic hymn)
I had a good morning today. It was busy at first and slightly stressful because I had to go early and then come back and pick up Nikki and Quinn. Not a chance I was riding my scooter to church this morning! Oh, and I was a really tired from being up all night trying to un freeze our heating unit. Heck I’m still tired! It was a long chilly night. (I did fix it this afternoon with a hairdryer! And yes it works!!!! Who knew!
Ok, my favorite song today was “Rock of Ages”. We did the David Crowder arrangement. Love it. Such great words in this hymn. I also got to play my new christmas present guitar today.

I’m excited to play it more! My other favorite part of our worship time today was when Nikki and Jess lead “I am Resting, Resting” Those two sing so well together. Very cool to hear. Pastor Craig message was good too. Our confession experience today was awesome. I love seeing the whole community join together like that. It’s a beautiful site. I think it’s time for me to go to bed now that my heat is working good. I will sleep better tonight!

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