>Songs We Sing @ Vine 01-17-10


(Stan, Riz, Leo, Chad this morning)
(currently listening to: “Half Asleep” by: School of Seven Bells)
1. “Love Divine” by: Vineyard UK
Welcome & VineCares-Kenny Ellis/Ritchey Jonhson
Psalms meditation – HL
Prayer in Unison
2. “Center” by: Charlie Hall (chorus only)
3. “Your Name is Holy” Vineyard Music (hungry)
4. “Sweetly Broken” by: Jeremy Riddle
5. “Jesus I am resting, resting” by: Jean Pigott
Message – Pastor Mike
Confession Experience & Offering
6. “Love Divine” by: Vineyard UK (reprise)
Today/Sunday was the most enjoyable day of leading that I’ve had since we moved here to Lakeland and started this worship gathering. I fully enjoyed my time with the band as usual, and though rushed around at times as usual just before service starts I just felt like my heart was fully there. That sounds odd I guess, that my heart would fully be in it. But I felt free to worship and not worry about a thing. I tend to worry about all kinds of stuff when I’m leading. The band, people finding seats, newcomers being welcomed, peoples safety, is my son doing well, etc, etc. Before service started the band prayed in the green room for freedom of desiring anything other than God alone. Our time reading from the psalms before singing really set my heart in the right place I think. It was good morning. Then after church we had small group and I love our time at small group. Kids running around, great food, yes great food! and great discussion around the lesson from the morning and prayer for each other. Wouldn’t replace it for anything.
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3 thoughts on “>Songs We Sing @ Vine 01-17-10

  1. >No, I am not bald. Thank you for clarifying that. :)I love "Center". Such a great song. I think I like it so much because I love the book of Colossians so much. I have never tried "Your Name Is Holy" before, but I really enjoy that song, too. Chop Shop this week?????

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