>Songs We Sing at Vine 1-24-10


(Jess Kostella & Kenny Hayworth today)
Currently Listening to: “You’ll Be Coming Down” by: Bruce Springsteen
-Reading from the Psalms- HL
1. “Revelation Song” – Kim Walker version
Welcome & Joshua set up
2. “Jesus Paid it All” – NPChurch version
3. “I will Sing of my Redeemer” – Fernando Ortega version
Baptisms – Pastor Craig
Message – Pastor David Drain
Prayer with FPC Haitian congregation -Kenny Ellis
4. “I will Exalt You” by: Brooke Fraser
Today was really a neat day. Many things made it special to me. I loved the my time with the band. I really enjoyed singing the songs we did today with them. It was also Pastor Drains last Sunday with us before he retires from 40 years of ministry. And my favorite part but most moving part was having the haitian church that meets in our building each week join us and allow us to hear about what they have been through and lost and then pray for and with them. And following that time we sang together “I will Exalt You” by: Brooke Fraser lead by Jess Kostella. That song is beautiful, simple and powerful. I didn’t want the morning to end. I’m loving what God is doing in our midst. All the churches in Lakeland I see God moving and it’s pretty awesome. Sometimes it’s hard for me to see what God is doing because I’m blinded by guilt and sin of many forms. Thankfully God is showing me my sin and showing me ways to change how I’ve been living. All to bring him Glorify. I wish I was perfect but then would I need Jesus? I don’t want me. I want all of Jesus to consume my sin, my pride, me. I feel blessed to share in such rich times of worship each sunday with my church family. God is good and God faithful even when we are not.
Check out theworshipcommunity.com website and the Sunday Setlist blog to see what other churches did today. It’s a great network & resource for worship leaders.

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