>Songs We Sing @ Vine 01-31-10


(me this morning preservice on the Ibanez AK85)
Currently listening to: “I’m Gonna Love You” by: Waterdeep
Waterdeep’s new CD “in the middle of it” is amazing!
I’m really blown away by the production and song writing on this CD.
1. “The Highest Praise” by: The Fathers House
“The Valley of Vision” prayer – Psalm reading
2. “Your Name is Holy” by: Vineyard UK
3. “Revelation Song” (Kim Walker version)
4. “I will Exalt You” by: Brooke Fraiser
Joshua story – Pastor Craig
Message – Kenny Ellis
Offering – Haiti update: Brian Morgan/Kenny Ellis
5. “He Leadeth Me” by: Sara Watkins
I really enjoyed today for many a reason and I’m feeling very blessed to be a part of such an authentic community of people chasing after the heart of God. Let me back up 12 hours or so. Last evening around 11pm I started to feel sick, spending most the night restless and when I did seem to fall asleep I would be woken up by bad dreams. I ended getting up early scooting to the church by 6:40am to get myself in order for the morning. I shared with Pastor Craig how I was doing and he said “you know what that means, right?” I said, um, me being tired. ha. Craig said, “no, it means it’s gonna be a good morning!” And he was right, it was a good morning. But part of me is feeling that I need more time with God. I feel like I’ve not had enough the past few weeks or even months. That’s my own doing I know. My goal this week is to find myself in quiet places throughout the week where I am able hear the voice of God stilling my heart and refilling my mind and body with his words and spirit. I can be so lazy and don’t let myself find that peace and strength when I so need it! The real honest fact is, I am lazy and selfish, addicted, prideful, and I’m broken. I’m more convinced and ok with the fact that I cannot live my life alone. I have not the strength to do so. I need people around me who know me. Who really know me. The good, bad and ugly, who is me. Biblically I’m not supposed to anyways. I’m ok I think with the fact that I need an army around me, walking with me and helping me through my life. Pridefully I would say I don’t need or want that help. But that’s my pride speaking. 🙂 I’ve made the call to a few around me, but I need to make the call even louder to join the ranks around me. So I hope today was a good day for all those who walked in to FPC’s vine worship gathering. The room was filled with young and old, pregnant, barren, feeling loss, sick, homeless, single, married, divorced, on the brink, frustrated, joyful, feeling blessed, broke, free, addicted, recovering, and yes even the dying. All across the board the room was filled with people needing a Savior. Needing Jesus. I was one of them.
So God here I am. Here I am.
If you are interested in seeing what other worship leaders/churchs are doing around the globe check out the network I’m a part of @ the worship community site and the Sunday Set list blog where you’ll find todays worship confessions and set lists.

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