>Songs We Sing @ Vine 2-14-10


Currently Listening to: “23” by: Blonde Readhead
1. “Come Spirit Come” by: Sovereign Grace Music
2. “Sweetly Broken” by: Jeremy Riddle
3. “The Solid Rock” Charlie Hall version
Introduction – Pastor Craig
Message – Kristen Milligan
Communion & Prayer stations
Benediction – Pastor Craig
4. “Our God Saves” by: Paul Baloche
This past sunday we had a guest speaker Kristen Milligan who grew up at First Pres and is living with Terminal Cancer. Her story was powerful and a great reminder of trusting God with everything. Something I have a hard time doing. Again we had a really great morning. I love the work that God is doing in the hearts of the people he has brought to FPC. It was a simple morning musically. I played acoustic and sang. Michelle sang Bgv’s and Stan tore it up on the piano/rhodes. It was nice. I very much enjoy stripping the songs down to such a simple form. Then again I’m really excited to have the full band back next week 🙂
Check out the worship community and the Sunday Set list if you are interested in seeing what other worship leaders did this past sunday.

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