>Songs We Sing @ Vine 3-06-10


(Jess, Nikki, HL, Chad Saturday Evening Worship)
So this past Sunday we had a combined service to celebrate our 125th Anniversary so there was no Vine worship gathering. The combined service went very well, lots of cool things going on. Great use of Brass with the choir and organ. Good choices of hymns. Everything sounded great. Pastor Mikes message was sweet. One of my favorite part of the Sunday worship celebration was Pastor Craig’s story about how Guitar was allowed in worship many many years ago. It was funny, heartfelt and just made me love that guy even more. That story lead us into Nikki and I singing “Lead Me to the Cross” for the offering time. After the the service we had an amazing picnic on the front lawn, an antique car show, horse and buggy rides, youth playing football, children playing “tug a war” and sac races.
It was a beautiful day.
Back up a a few hours and Saturday night Jess & Chad Kostella, Nikki and myself lead a set of worship songs prior to the Bebo Norman concert. I really enjoyed that moment of time shared together. The songs fit so well together. Jess & I lead off with “Sweetly Broken”. Then Jess went into “Revelation Song”, and then Nikki went into a butt kicking version of “Jesus Paid it all” then I closed with “Our Great God”. I love the raw energy you can have when you play acoustic. Chad and I still used our effects to create warmth, depth, and atmosphere. Honestly I think you can find even yourself more captivated when you are acoustic and given more space and musically forced to express your desire for the living God. Sounds silly I know. But to me acoustic worship should expressive and passionate. Not the other way around which I’ve seen many times with the excuse that “it’s acoustic” what else would you expect. I think the same can be said for a full on band too. Don’t get me wrong. Give me drums, bass and electric guitars anytime. I just don’t think you ever have to sacrifice the full band effect when you go acoustic. Ever. At least for me its more challenging which makes it more fun.
1. “Sweetly Broken” by: Jeremy Riddle
2. “Revelation Song” by: Jenny Riddle
3.”Jesus Paid it all” passion version
4. “Our Great God” by: Fernando Ortega
Check out the Worship Community’s blog Sunday Setlist where you’ll find other leaders like myself posting their worship confessionals and set lists. Enjoy!

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