>Songs We Sing @ Vine 3-14-10


(Jess, Stan, Nikki @ FPC Vine yesterday morning)
Currently Listening to: Larry Norman “Upon this Rock”
1. “Bless Your Name” Jeremy Riddle Version
2. “Come Thou Fount”
3. “Your Name is Holy” by: Vineyard UK
4. “Stand in Awe” by: Jeremy Riddle
His Company Skit
Message – Pastor Craig
5. Amazing Grace (Vs & Ch only)
6. “Clean” by: The Violet Burning
Today I write with a sad heart. The kindest & most loving coworker I’ve ever had is greiving today because her beloved husband passed away last night. I’m joyful for him because he’s in a better place but my heart is grieving with and for her. She is an amazing woman who I admire, respect & love tremendously. And I know how much she loved her husband. My heart just can’t stop thinking about how she is doing. God surround Cecelia with a blanket of of your amazing warmth and care.
Well, yesterday went smooth and was a good morning as a whole. I say that and yet in my gut I felt yesterday that I have been missing out on the fullness of Christ. And when I was running today I kept hearing the words “you are living on scraps” the whole time. And really it’s true. How much of Jesus have I actually been consuming, resting in, relying on, and listening too? If I’m honest, it’s been scraps. This is what I’ve been doing most my life. I live of the scraps instead of the whole feast. Then fill the rest of my life with some good things and some not so good things. I’m sure I’m not alone, it would be foolish to think that way. I just don’t want to look back thinking “What if?” I’m grateful for an amazing wife and son, my house, my 2 dogs, the people I get to work with , the fact I get paid to do what I do, my back yard, my scooter,
my guitars, and my wonderful friends. I don’t want to waste my life.
Why have I been so scared to dive in and fully trust God.
There are reasons, but none that trump the power and love God has displayed in my life.
My prayer for me today is that I learn to surrender all things fully to the will of God.
to see and hear from other worship leaders around the globe.

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