>Songs We Sing @ Vine 3-21-10


(iPhone shot from Sunday Worship @ Vine)
(Currently Listening to: “Heading for Nowhere” by: Jets Overhead)
1. “All Creatures of our God and King” :David Crowder version
Welcome/Scripture/Prayer – Kenny Ellis
2. “Sing, Sing, Sing” by: Chris Tomlin
3. “How Great Thou Art” :Charlie Hall version
4. “Stand in Awe” by: Jeremy Riddle
Message: Pastor Mike
Prayer Experience – Kenny Ellis
Mens Retreat shout out
5. “Nothing with out You” by: Bebo Norman
Closing & Benediction – Pastor Mike
Sunday started kinda crazy for me with set up and a very last minute musician change up. That all worked out very well thankfully because Leo got out of bed to come rehearse with us. Thank you, thank you, thank you Leo! Because I was worn out from set up and the switch up musically it took me awhile to get relaxed and focused. By the time the band met in the greenroom for prayer I was spent. But that simple by needed time with the band in the back really helped. I love the people I get to lead with on Sundays. The first 2 songs on Sunday had about 3 people singing on for some reason. It was really quiet for some reason. Finally on “How Great Thou Art” I could hear people singing and on “Stand in Awe”, even though I kept messing up a line in the song the church really began to lift their voices. That was a great moment to hear everyone cry out those words to God. Very nice. And such a great song. It’s one of my favorites right now. Pastor Mike’s message was great, the prayer experience was good that Kenny lead. And at the end the Bebo Norman’s song went pretty well to I thought. I really loved hearing the church sing those words too. That’s the song I was most excited about doing on Sunday. Great words that fit perfectly with Pastor Mikes message. After Church we had small group at our house which is always huge blessing. Amazing food, kids running all over the house playing, great discussion on the mornings message and great time of prayer for each other. Can’t get much better. I love it.
So this is where I get honest which is what this blog is supposed to be for me. On Sundays I run around way to much. I barely ever get to fully focus on what I’m there to do until right before we start the service. I know that’s most of us who are leading worship or are in any form of ministry on Sundays. I’m just tired and ready for a break. I am going on vacation this coming Saturday so I will be getting a Sunday off and some needed rest. I have a hard time not being there on Sundays. I’m wondering if there are any others out there like that. I have a hard time letting all control over everybody else. Mostly because on the small things I don’t have allot of help with. That would be sound set up. Which creates more stress when I’m running rehearsal with the band and my focus has to shift from rehearsal to fixing sound issues. I need more sound men who love to do sound or just care about it. I have 1 person right now who is a great guy but just 1 person. It’s been suggested to have the band set everything up but I really don’t want the band to have to show up @ 6:30/7am to set up all the sound equipment. I want the band fresh and focused when they get there at 8:30am on Sundays. Which is what they do. I don’t have any worries about leaving the leadership duties to the band. They are very professional and mature and I could be gone for whatever reason and the music portion of our worship @ Vine would go on strong. My musicians have grown into a strong leading band. I love seeing that and have great peace in their abilities and friendships. Anyways, I’m not sure what my fix is if there is one yet. Any ideas out there from anyone? Can’t wait for Saturday morning!
ps. I ran my 3rd 5k on Saturday and creamed my last personal record which was excited. Not sure why I run. I can’t stand it when I’m doing it. ha. I know it’s because my wife is running and because of my good friend Kevin. He paced me on saturday and that’s really why I did as well as I did. And because of that I got my first medal! Yeah! 2nd place in my age group. 🙂 It was a neat feeling and it benefited First Baptists at the Mall’s summer camps. Pretty cool.

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