>Songs We Sing @ Vine 4-18-10


(Quinn getting kicked in the gut by some metal guy in Mexico)
Currently listening to: “Being Here” by: the Stills
4-18-10 @ Vine
Video – Ninja Nuns
Welcome & Call to Worship
1. “Come Thou Fount” Matt Boswell version
2. “Bless His Name” Jeremy Riddle version
3. “Here is Love” Brian Johnson version
Message – Pastor Mike
Passing of the Peace
4. “Our Great God” by: Fernando Ortega
5. “Amazing Grace” (Chris Tomlin mixed w/Tree 63 version)
Wow, I can’t believe it’s thursday and I’m just now blogging about last Sunday @ Vine. It was a pretty amazing morning. We were without bass player again and Stan continued to play bass and keys all at once. Stan is the man! Our Band sunday was a blast. Randy on drums, Jason (2nd time playing) on electric guitar, Daniel on vocals with me, Stan on keys/bass, and me on vocals and electric & acoustic guitars. Daniel is moving back to NY soon so this was one of her last times singing with us. She’s got a great spirit and joy about her that we are going to miss. The whole morning went pretty well. We struggled during sound check to find a groove amongst us but it all came once we ran though “Our Great God”. It was a fun morning musically and spiritually refreshing. The words we sang were pretty powerful. My new favorite tune to sing is “Here is Love”. It’s an old Welsh hymn that Matt Redman messed with a few years ago. But not till recently when I heard Brian Johnson’s live version did I fall in love with it. We sang it every chance we got on our Mens retreat over the weekend and introduced it to the congregation this past Sunday. The passing of the peace prayer time was really neat to watch as people prayed with each and for each other. That was cool. Finally at the end of the service we sang Chris Tomlin’s “Amazing Grace (my chains are gone)” right up to the ending of the first chorus. Then we kicked in the rest of the band and sang the rest of the song kinda like Tree63’s version of Amazing Grace. I think our take ended up sounding more like a surf rock version 🙂 Either way it was great to sing those words with such rocking music behind it. I am learning and relearning daily that I am a son of God. A living prodigal who is grateful for those who are sharing the journey alongside me. God is good and God is faithful.
Check out theworshipcommunity and the SundaySetList to see what others are singing around the globe on sundays.

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