>Songs We Sing @ Vine 4-25-10


(Sundays Vine Worship Gathering on Lake Mirror downtown Lakeland)
Currently Listening to: “Keep Me Alive” by: Sarah Siskind
Vine on Lake Mirror Downtown Lakeland
Welcome & Call to Worship – Kenny Ellis
1. “Come Thou Fount” (Matt Boswell version)
2. “Not to Us” by: Chris Tomlin
3. “Revelation Song” by: Jenny Riddle
4. “Lead me to the Cross” by: Brooke Fraiser
Message – Pastor Craig
5. “Jesus Paid it All” (Passion Verion)
Paper Airplane prayer experience
6. “Psalm 33” by: Greg & Amanda
So Saturday morning I had my 4th 5k race starting and finishing on Lake Mirror in downtown Lakeland. It was my hardest 5k because of the hills on the course. I’ve only run flat 5k courses till yesterday. Thanks to Robbie and Kevin two of my friends who had just finished running the 10k thirty minutes prior decided to help me out and run with me for my 5k. Pretty awesome of them to help me like that. Meant allot guys.
Now, Sunday morning we had our first worship gathering on Lake Mirror in downtown lakeland. Same place I had just run the morning before. And wow, you couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day to worship together. For the music we went acoustic with Nikki, Jess, myself and Chad leading. It was allot of fun and pretty rockin. I got sunburned on my arms and head. Actually many of us did, even still the whole morning was a blessing. Loved meeting people from around the neighborhood and those that worked for the city. Can’t wait to do it again! And man my legs are achy this morning.
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