>Songs We Sing @ Vine 5-16-10


(Jeff & Stan pre-worship on Sunday)
Currently listening to: “Devils & Dust” by: Bruce Springsteen
Welcome & Call to Worship
1. “Come Thou Fount” Matt Boswell version
2. “Holding Nothing Back” Jesus Culture version
3. “Love Came Down” by: Brian Johnon
4. “At The Foot of the Cross” by: Kathryn Scott
Message – Pastor Mike
Passing of the Peace
5. “Holding Nothing Back” (reprise)
I’m not sure why I waited till tonight to blog about last Sunday. Last Sunday was a blast. The band was kickin, the word taught was filling, humbling, and encouraging. It was a good morning all around. I really love what’s going on at FPC. Also we a new bass player this weekend who did a great job. Jeff thanks for taking time out to help us lead the music at Vine. We introduced Tim Hughes song “Holding Nothing Back” this week and man that’s a fun one! We did the Jesus Culture version which is pretty slammin. Sounds like a Kelly Clarkson song 🙂 Can’t wait to do it again next sunday!
to see what other leaders did last week.

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