>Songs We Sing @ Vine 5-23-10


(currently listening to: “I remember” by:Deadmau5 & Kaskade)
Pentecost Sunday
Welcome/John 14:15-17 prayerful reading
1. “Come Holy Spirit Come” by: Hiram Ring
2. “Hosanna (praise is rising) by: Paul Baloche
3. “Let Heaven Shout” by: Julie Rogers (Bethel Live)
His Company Skit
Prayer Walk
4. “Holding Nothing Back” by: Tim Hughes
Today was another great sunday. Our focus was on the Holy Spirit all morning. I felt like the songs flowed well and hopefully moved the heart of God. For myself I love singing prayers to God and reminding myself that I am healed and restored. Now on a technical side I did mess up a few times in “Let Heaven Shout” which is a beautiful song that reminds me of one that Keith Green would have written if he were still alive. Jess & Nikki lead it. I played a few bad very noticeable notes. Ugh 🙂 The rest of the band played great all morning. And all in all the morning as a whole went well. I’m pretty tired though. I went camping Friday night with the family and some good friends. I need a nap! I hope everyone else has had a wonderful Sunday!
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