>Songs We Sing @ Vine 5-30-10


(artwork for the new series on the Prodigal Son)
Currently Listening to: “Draw the Line” CD by: David Gray
Welcome/Call to Worship
1. “Revelation Song” (Jesus Culture version)
2. “Holding Nothing Back” by: Tim Hughes
3. “Nail My Glory” by: Na band
4. “I love Your Presence” by: Vineyard Music
Message – Pastor Craig
Prayer & Offering
5. “Let Heaven Shout” (from “Bethel Live” CD)
I really enjoyed Sunday. I had a great time with the musicians and enjoyed what the pastor shared from scripture. I really see myself in the prodigal son. Big time. The band played well and we all enjoyed that time together. But from what I’ve heard, the sound mix was off this week. Ugh 🙂 Last week it was pretty great sound wise. This week I hear it was a bit off. What do you do. I love our volunteers. They help so much to make Sunday happen. Good thing is we start our acoustic summer this coming sunday. The set up will be light and the music acoustic. It’s fun and allows for the band to take some well deserved time off. But also allows for some new blood to enter into the band scene and do some leading. I have had a cold the last 2 days and that’s why I didn’t blog yesterday. Was so tired and weak. I’m much better today. But still a little weary. Need more sleep and vitamin C.
Check out worshipcommunity.com and the sunday set list to see what other churches are singing and doing on sundays.

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