>Songs We Sing @ Vine 6-13-10


(Jess & Chad this morning)
Currently listening to: “You Will Leave A Mark” by: The Silent Film
1. “Our Great God” by: Fernando Ortega
2. “Marvelous Light” by: Charlie Hall
3. “Jesus Paid it All/Wonderful Cross” (Northpoint version)
+Mission Trip Commissioning+
4. “Only Hope” by: Caedmons Call
Communion & Offering
5. “Solid Rock” (Passion version)
I really enjoyed the feel of today. 3 Acoustic guitars, 3 vocals. Lot’s of layered stuff going on with the acoustics and vocals. Very cool vibe. That said I have strep throat so I’m basically in shut down mode right now. Getting better but very tired. After seeing how gross my throat was Friday morning I’m not sure how I was able to sing this morning. I didn’t have any troubles though. That happy cough syrup really works 🙂 + the Zpack. Today was good other than me feeling like I was in a tunnel most the morning. Sorry to all those I snubbed this morning. I was not feeling the best and was scared I’d get someone else sick. Thanks to Chad & Jess for being super musicians & helping me lead today. You two are just Uber cool & a wonderful blessing.

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