>Songs We Sing @ Vine 6-27-10


(Monkey & Spider last Friday @ VBS)
Currently listening to: “Over the Rhine” Eve CD
Currently reading: “A million miles in a Thousand Years” by: Donald Miller
6-27-10 Vine
1. “Vast Voyage” VBS theme
2. “Let The Praises Ring” VBS version
3. “I Could Sing of Your Love” VBS version
::Bible Points:: Nikki
4. “Oh The Deep Deep Love” VBS version
5. “Ancient Words” VBS
-Message- Pastor Celie Moore
6. “Jesus I Come” Shelley Moore version
Confession & Assurance
7. “Our God Saves” by: Paul Baloche”
Right now I’m camping at Jetty Park @ Cape Canaveral, FL. We are right at the beach which is nice:) So far we are having a good time. We’ll be here till Thursday šŸ™‚
Sunday was allot of fun & neat. I gave the whole first part of the service over to Nikki & let her do her VBS thing for the worship time. It was great. She lead a great group of songs with 50 children who were at our VBS on stage helping her with the motions. She taught everyone the bible points from VBS, had people in the isles doing the motions & we even did the Wave! During the bible point review I came out as Salty the Pelican & the little kids were in awe seeing Salty on stage with them. That was fun.
After the message I lead on acoustic “Jesus I Come” before our confession & Assurance of pardon time and after offering we closed with “Our God Saves”. It was nice. Now I’m burnt from the beach and waterlogged from the waves:). Good times!
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