>Songs We Sing @ Vine 7-04-10


(picture from our beach camping trip last week)
Currently listening to my very large: Smiths/Morrissey playlist
Welcome & Game
1. Open the Eyes of my Heart (chorus only) by: Paul Baloche
2. “Marvelous Light” by: Charlie Hall
3. “Love Came Down” by: Brian Johnson & Jeremy Riddle
4. “Jesus I Come” (Shelly Moore version)
Message – Pastor Craig
Prayer Experience
5. “Stand in Awe” (Chorus only) by: Jeremy Riddle
6. “Psalm 33” by: Greg & Amanda Blache
Today was a good morning. Though to be honest I’m still not 100% all here 🙂 I love camping and want my own Pop Up Camper and go camping again very soon. I loved out trip.
So we started out a new series on the Song of Solomon this morning and I think it went pretty well. The set up was more of a cafe feel and I like it. Chad played electric hollowbody with lots of effects over our acoustics creating a very Daniel Lanois wall of sound. Very cool. As far as the set went we used “Open the Eyes of my Heart” as more of an opening prayer. I don’t think I’ve lead that whole song in over 3 or 4 years. I’ve only used parts of it for prayers. I think it worked well. Then went straight into “Marvelous Light”. Great song. Then “Love Came Down”. I’m such a huge fan of this tune. I’m so glad to have come across that tune a few months ago. I think it really resonates with our people. Then “Jesus I Come” which continues to blow me away. Powerful words plus I love the version we are doing. Jess and Nikki sounded amazing leading it. I used “Stand in Awe” the chorus only to bring us out of the Offering time which built nicely into “Psalm 33” which is such a great upbeat singable psalm. We’ve been singing this tune for so many years. Can’t go wrong with Scripture and a great melody. We ended the morning with a reading of Colossions 3:15-17 from “the Message” I love how Eugene Peterson paraphrases that text. I think that scripture is a great way to end the morning.

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