>Songs We Sing @ Vine 7-18-10


(Quinn on the beach @ Jetty Park, FL)
Currently listening to: “The Rising” by: Bruce Springsteen
Welcome & Game – Nikki
1. “Savior, like a Shepherd lead us” (Todd Agnew version)
2. “Unchanging” by: Chris Tomlin
3. “Let Heaven Shout” by: Bethel Live
Scripture & Prayer
Message – Paul Suich
Confession & Offering
4. “It is Well” (Aaron Keyes version)
Sunday went well as far as the eye could see and the ear could hear. Nikki, myself and Michelle lead the tunes for the morning. Paul taught, nikki lead the game and prayer time. But something is missing for me. Not sure what exactly yet. Do you ever get sick of worship music? I’m tired of christian music as a whole, and frankly allot of worship music in general. It could simply be a reflection of my own prayer life. That would be my guess 🙂 I want to feel the breathe of God speak through music again. It all feels bland to me as of late. What’s going on inside of me? Maybe I could use a sabbatical possibly from music in general. I do feel very much that He is in control, faithful, strong, all knowing, aggressively pursuing me & loving me. But I want more I guess, or something. So I’m on a journey to find what that is….

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