>Songs We Sing @ Vine 7-25-10


(Married 14 years ago today 7/27/1996)
Currently listening to: Matthew Smith’s new CD “Watch the Rising Day” (awesome!)
Welcome & Game
1. “My Glorious/Sing to the King” (Eoghan Heaslip/Laura Story)
2. “Grace Like Rain” (Todd Agnew)
3. “Jesus I Come” (Shelly Moore)
Message – Pastor Craig
Prayer & Offering
4. “Nothing but the Blood (verse & chorus)
5. “The Solid Rock” (Charlie Hall version)
This past Sunday was a good day. I found myself while singing the first few songs longing to hear Nikki sing “Nothing but the Blood” just to take in those words and sing them out and then get to sing “The Solid Rock”. Those last two songs spoke to me in huge ways that morning. As a whole the morning was much better for me than the week prior. Last Sunday I was burned out on worship music and just music in general. Tired of hearing songs about us or me. Tired of myself honestly. I was longing for something that was not resembling my selfish heart in anyway. I wanted to hear and sing songs full of deep honest truths that drew me away from myself and to God. Those who know me know I’m a lover of music and can listen to it anytime, anywhere and get something from it. Or not if it stinks. 🙂 But because of how I felt about everything last week I decided to immerse myself in hymns and not listen to anything but. And that’s what I did. I researched hymns and listened them for a whole week. Every now and then I broke the cycle to listen to some Ben Harper or something out of the box. But 95% of the time I listened to hymns. Revised, standard acoustic or piano versions, alternative modern versions, etc. Very quickly I felt a change. Mostly I just listening, but a few times I grabbed my acoustic and played and sang along. So much richness in the words. No soft, self indulgent, shallow or fluffyness in the hymns I listened too. Deep, deep, deep powerful truths that lead me away from myself to an all forgiving, redeeming, relentlessly loving Savior. That’s the stuff. At least for me. The songs don’t keep me from feeling blah or from screwing up my life. I’m not saying that. I am the ragamuffin I am, yet God loves me and is constantly working on me, because I am constantly running from him. I have a selfish and prideful heart that I do. But again, I am pursued by a jealous God. The other thing I found was the hymns seem to always point me to scripture. I guess reminding me that’s where I need to sit my butt so I can know better the one who has called me there. And so I journey on…

One thought on “>Songs We Sing @ Vine 7-25-10

  1. >HL, great set…How can I keep from singing goes over really well…it had been 3 months or so since we did it but people jumped right in…even have a few people "shouting" the name of Jesus at that point in the song…hope all is well with you

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