>Songs We Sing @ Vine 8-8-10


(our guitars this morning)
Currently listening to: “Long Time Comin” by: Bruce Springsteen
(Bruce is becoming a sunday afternoon staple for me. Used to be “the Smiths & Moby”. Ha)
Psalm 23 reading
1. “Unchanging” by: Chris Tomlin
2. “In Christ Alone” by: Keith & Kristen Getty
3. “Behold the Lamb of God” by: Matt Maher
Message – Pastor Mike & Joyce Louden
4. “Stand in Awe” by: Jeremy Riddle
Benediction -Pastor Mike
Being back from vacation is bitter sweet. I love going to the beach and I love being home with my church family. Something I am uncovering in myself lately is that I have sheltered myself from getting to know new people on Sundays. I used to pride myself on meeting a new person each week. But I have kept myself at a safe distance for some years now. Fear is at the heart of that I know. But I’m seeing myself taking off that coat or at least taking steps towards it. Sundays are busy for me and it can be hard with someone at almost any given time needing a word with me. Also my family life is busy and the most important thing to me. Honestly family life is more important now than I used to place it years ago because I thought I needed to love everyone, talk to everyone be something to everyone. That was not good for anyone. And I don’t want to ever go fully back to that. But I do want to love people more frequently again. I want to let a piece of my heart reach out again. I did introduced myself to someone today but I was hesitant and that showed at least to me. It was a person I’ve seen for months now but never spoke to. Even in that moment I realized the person sitting beside us I had not really shared many words with either. I have some letting go to do. God open me up again to not fear what you are doing in me. Help me to love those around me when you are calling me to do so. Help me to be humble & caring, and blanket all my words and actions with your love. God change my heart to seek after your heart and live out your hearts desires.
So, yes I love the beach. I love the sky and moon over the water, the ocean over my skin and sand under my feet. There’s nothing quiet like it. The ocean scares me a bit too because of it’s massiveness and the unknown that a gigantic shark could sneak up on me at any moment and eat me. It’s true 🙂 It’s crazy to me the wildlife we see each time we go also.
I always feel so away when I’m there, even if it’s only for a day. My favorite times are sneaking out with Quinn & Nikki late at night with our flash lights to hunt for crabs and look for shooting stars. Or sneaking out early in the morning with Quinn while before anyone is awake as the sun is fresh on the water to walk on the fresh sand, breath in salty air and pick up shells. It’s the best way to wake up in the morning and I can’t wait to do it again!

One thought on “>Songs We Sing @ Vine 8-8-10

  1. >Unchanging is one of my favorites, because it expresses some solid truth about our great God! I love the bridge, "You were, You are, You will always be."We need to get together sometime soon, broseph.

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