>Songs We Sing @ Vine 8-15-10


(Stan, Chad, Me, Jess, Riz on our 1st day back since May)
Currently Listening to: David Gray “Foundling”
“Palette Sunday”
1. “Your Love oh Lord” by: Third Day + His Company Skit + awesome!
Message – Pastor Craig
(Vine 3 Year video review)
– Painting Experience (Grafting ourselves into the Vine painting) –
2. “Bless His Name” by: Tony Sanchez
3. “Sweetly Broken” by: Jeremy Riddle
4. “Revelation Song” by: Jenny Riddle
Benediction – Pastor Craig
5. “Our Great God” by: Fernando Ortega
Wow, what a week. When the wife is at back at work and I have Quinn and I’m suppose to work I have a hard time getting anything done. Can you say Fifa 2009 tournament on Wii 🙂 Quinn and I are an unstoppable force! We have been playing all week! I can’t get anything done if I’m not 100% focused on it. Anyways, last Sunday was a blast and the first Sunday that the band has played since Summer began. I loved our summer acoustic series (that’s what I call it) really it’s just me giving the band the summer off. But it was great to hear my electric guitars, drums, keys, & bass. I missed the band and glad we are all back. It was an amazing Sunday where we grasped the meaning of “I am the Vine, you are the Branches” in several ways. It was morning. Next Sunday here we come!

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