>Songs We Sing @ Vine 8-22-10


(Picture of Me & Jess from last weeks worship gathering)
Currently listening to: “Redeemed, Restored, Forgiven” by: Matthew Smith (brilliant!)
& “Animal” by: Miike Snow
1. “Amazing Grace” (A capella)
Welcome & Prayer – Lori Long
2. “Our God Saves” by: Paul Baloche
3. “Be the Centre” Jami Smith version
Unison Prayer
4. “In The Shadow of the Glorious Cross” by: Sojourn Music
Message – Kenny Ellis
Time of Confession
5. “Behold the Lamb of God” by: Matt Maher (Assurance in Song)
Benediction – Kenny Ellis
I loved today. The band sounded great, the church sang their hearts out, and Kenny lead us through an honest and raw version of what Discipleship looks like in scripture and our culture. Pretty cool. This morning we had many sections of the tunes where the band dropped out and just let the people sing and it was so good to hear them so loudly! Love hearing the church sing out these great prayers. Today was our 2nd week with the band back and it felt like we were right back where we left off at the end of May.
I played my electric hollowbody real clean and full of delay, Chad played a growly rhythm & lead, Jess played smooth acoustic & vocals, Stan played his swirly organ low to the ground, Leo played a solid bass, and Kenny drove the bus. We laughed allot this morning and enjoyed loosing ourselves in the tunes and in the words. My hope is that God’s heart was moved today by the forward motion of our affection and love for Him
We started out “Our God Saves” different this morning. Very stripped down, then brought the band into the mix. I felt like it went over well that way. I’m absolutely in love with how Jess leads “Be The Centre”. Man she belts that song out with such power and yet a gentleness that helps you grasp what you are singing. Then we brought back an old staple song for Vine.
“In the Shadow of the Glorious Cross” which is one of my favorite new hymns from the past few years. Written in 2007 by: Brooks Ritter and Rebecca Bales of Sojourn Church in KY.
I’m really glad we were able to sing it again today. Powerful words, with a gritty alternative folk vibe to it. I feel all alt country when we do that one 🙂 Ok, Time to relax and enjoy the storm coming through town. Have a great Sunday afternoon!

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