>Songs We Sing @ Vine 09-17-10


(This is last years picture from NC at our Family Thanksgiving gathering. We all go cut down our own tree. It’s my favorite time of the year. We brought back 2 tress last year in our little car! So excited to see the whole family again and enjoy some cooler weather!
Currently Listening to: “Eyes Wide Open” by: Travis
1. “Rock of Ages, When the Day Seems Long” by: Indelible Grace
2. “Beautiful One” by: Tim Hughes
3. “Desert Song” by: Brooke Fraser
Unison Prayer on Gods Love for us
4. “How He Loves” by: John M McMillan
5. “O For A Thousand Tongues” by: Charles Wesley
Scripture Video
Message – Pastor Mike
Prayer & Offering
6. “Awesome is the Lord Most High” by: Chris Tomlin
Benediction – Pastor Mike
Today was Jess Kostella and myself playing acoustics and vocals. The rest of the band was either away or working. We’ve had a few weeks of electric guitars and drums so it was nice to strictly be acoustic. I think my new favorite song today was a new hymn written by Sandra McCracken called “Rock of Ages, When the Day Seems Long”. Wow! The lyrics and melody are amazing in this song. I’m not sure how well the melody was received but we are going to try it a few more times. Pastor Mike loved it and so did a few others who gave me some good feedback on the tune. We’ll see how goes the next few times we do it. I just love this song! It was fun doing “How He Loves” a little different today. Jess sang it and at the end I had everyone sing vs 1, vs 3 & vs 4 of “O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing”. The words in all the songs today were good for me to hear, pray and sing. You know, I’m thankful God has not given up on me and that I’m beginning to accept the love God has for me and lavishes upon me. Accepting or realizing God loves us right where we stand is so simple yet so hard to accept sometimes. I’m a piece of work that needs allot of work and still He loves me. Crazy.
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