>Songs We Sing @ Vine 9-26-10


(Me, Michelle, Woody, Chad, Stan, Jeff, yesterday @ Vine)
Currently listening to: “Copper Blue” by: Sugar (so, so good!)
1. “Revelation Song” by: Jenny Riddle
2. “I Need Thee Today” by: Matthew Smith
2. “Rock of Ages” by: Indelible Grace
Prayer of Confession
3. “Redeemed, Restored, Forgiven” by: Matthew Smith
Scripture Video
Message – Kenny Ellis
Serve Sunday
4. “How Great is Our God/How Great Thou Art” by: Tomlin
Benediction/OJP principle thanks
Sunday was a fun day for me. This week I had to bring Quinn with me because Nikki was at her High school reunion in NC. So I woke Quinn up and wrapped him in a blanket, grabbed his pillowpet and threw him in the jeep. We were at the church building before 7am and I laid him on the couch in my office with the lights off so he could sleep some more while I set up the band stuff with Sutton. Well, I came back to check on him a little while later. I looked through the window in my office and he wasn’t on the couch anymore but the lights were still off. I opened the door and there he was standing in front of my trash can. Yeah you guessed it. He had peed in my trash can. (or you didn’t guess it 🙂 ha. He didn’t want to walk to the bathroom in his pajamas or get locked out of my office so he just peed in my trashcan. We both laughed and he laid back down. He also said he didn’t want to sleep walk and pee on my wall. Kind of him. Ha. So that was the start of my morning. Pretty funny.
Worship time was allot of fun. Band rehearsal/sound check went smoothly which is always a blessing and thankfully 95% of the time it does unless we have tech issues.
I led off with “Revelation Song” this week which was a first for me. We always have one of the ladies lead it. I really enjoyed singing lead on the tune. But I think the key might have been to low for the ladies. We kept it very simple with acoustic and voices only which was nice. The band played on all the other tunes. I had a goof on “Redeemed, Restored, Forgiven”. I forgot to put my capo on so when the band came in we were in two different keys. My mind was racing when I noticed after the first few lines. Should we keep going? Will the band realized what key I am in and change? Oh, no what do I do? Do I start over? Well, I stopped the band even though people kept singing and I let everyone know the train wreck we were getting ourselves into and that it was my fault 🙂 We all laughed and I put on my capo and we then sang and played in the same key. Ha. It was a fun moment in our worship time. Then I really felt like Kenny brought it. The message was spot on. I really enjoyed that time. Our last song “How Great is Our God/how great thou art” felt full and was fun to play and sing.
Well I dropped Quinn of at school this morning and walked him to class while he gave me an awful look whispering to me that I was embarrassing him by walking him to class. I smiled and told him I love him and that no one cared or that they were jealous I walked him to class. Hopefully they don’t make fun of him for his Dorky dad. Anyways I’ve got to run back home real quick and clean up the house before Nikki gets home! It’s amazing what a mess Quinn and I make when left alone. 🙂
To network with other worship leaders

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