>Songs We Sing @ Vine 10-10-10


(Stan, Leo, Chad, Jess, Kenny 10-3-10 @ Vine)
Currently listening to: “Riviera CD”by: BigHead Todd & the Monsters
Well, last week 10-3-10 I missed Sunday morning worship because I was doing my first sprint Triathlon. I did not die, I did pretty well for my first one, for me and I actually loved it so much I can’t wait to do another one. It was an amazing feeling. It took me a few days to come down from the high I had from the whole experience. Nikki did the Triathlon with me and that was part of the awesomeness I experienced being able to share that time with her. Stan, Chad & Jess, Leo and Kenny lead the music and did a great job as usual. I’m very grateful, humbled and blessed to be able to work with such talented & lovely people. Really this gang and the rest of our crew who plays in the band on different weeks really bless the FPC vine community and myself.
1. “Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee” by: Charlie Hall
2. “Sing, Sing, Sing” by: Chris Tomlin
3. “How Great is Our God/how great thou art” by: Chris Tomlin
prayer of Adoration
4. “His Glory Appears” by: Hillsongs
intro Video
Message – Pastor Craig
Prayer Experience/Offering Experience
Video – Special Offering
5. “Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee” (reprise)
I really enjoyed singing these songs on Sunday. I absolutely love Charlie Hall’s version of “Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee”. So upbeat and a great groove. Only downside to that version is there are to many chords! But the words are amazing and well full of joy! We did “His Glory Appears” for the first time this week and it went over really well. I like singing the harmonies on that one. Jess lead it this week and killed it. Nikki is leading this week finally! Between her leading Kids Etc. and her own races she’s been out of Vine for awhile. It’s been to long. I’m looking forward to singing with her again. She has such a beautiful voice. Well, our new series started this week on Deuteronomy and it’s very cool. So much wisdom on finances in that book. I’m excited and scared to hear what God says to my heart over the course of this series. First thing I heard him saying to me on Sunday was that I covet way to many things. And I trust God with very little. I’m growing weary with my selfishness. I’m longing inside for the comfort of Gods words over the comfort of music, my iphone, TV shows, sleep, working out, time with Quinn and Nikki, even the Popup. Sounds crazy who would want to give up time with God for those things. I don’t think my family is getting the best of who I am or who I could be because I’ve been starving myself of what I really need. I don’t give God the best of my life. I don’t give him the times when all is quiet. If it’s quiet I almost always fill it with something else. I need a fast from allot of things in my life. I write this stuff and I wish I could say I have it all together. I’m suppose to right? ha. I know that’s not true or reality. Who does have it together. I do know God is doing something in me right now I would not dare try and stop him from doing. I’ve grown tired of a life of trying to stop God from loving me, from using me, from growing me. I can’t keep doing that much longer. He won’t let me. I’ve also had a growing concern of the legacy I’m leaving Quinn. I’m not happy with what I would be leaving so far. Somethings are good yes, but I’m not satisfied with things as a whole. I want more in my relationship with God and my family. But I need to put God first in everything. And so the journey continues šŸ™‚


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