>Songs We Sing @ Vine 10-31-10


(Jess, Michelle, Sutton, Stan on Sunday)
Currently listening to: “Great Rejoicing” by: Thad Cockrell
1. In Christ Alone/Nothing but the Blood (Rita Springer version)
2. “Marvelous Light” by: Charlie Hall
3. “Might To Save” (Laura Story version)
Unison Prayer
4. “Mighty to Save (reprise)
Message – Kenny Ellis
Prayer & Offering Experience
Skype with Our Missionaries
5. “Behold the Lamb” by: Matt Maher
3rd Grade Bibles Commission
I loved this past Sunday. Our power went out earlier in the morning for about 30 minutes which had us scratching our heads since we meet in a gym and no natural light in there 🙂 but it came back on in time to sound check so it really wasn’t even a hiccup. I was part of the service for the first 2 songs but jetted after that to be apart of our 3rd grade bible presentation that my son was in in the Sanctuary service. After he received his bible I came back over to Vine and helped finish out the service. We surprised our missionaries on Skype with a special gift the people in Vine collected the week prior. That was a neat moment. The band did a great job. We were 3 acoustics, 3 vocals and Stan on keyboards. That’s a combo I’ve never done before. But it worked well. The rest of the band played the Rocky Horror Show the night before so I gave them the morning off 🙂 Kenny’s message was spot on. It was a good morning in many ways. If you haven’t listened to Thad Cockrell’s CD “to Be Loved” you need to. It’s my soundtrack this morning. It’s a gentle and beautiful reminder that God is our rescuer done is a lush almost Emmy Lou Harris “Wrecking Ball” kind of way.

One thought on “>Songs We Sing @ Vine 10-31-10

  1. >Great set…and we have been playing Thad Cockrell pre-service for a couple of months now off and on…great albumhope all is well with you…Ragnar this weekend!!

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