>Songs We Sing @ Vine 1-09-11

>Currently listening to: “Love Lives” by: Blackdub
Currently reading: “The Zombie Survival Guide” by: Max Brooks
Prayer of Thanksgiving – Pastor Craig

“Center/turn your eyes upon Jesus” by: Charlie Hall
“Love Came Down” by: Brian Johnson
“Hosanna” by: Hillsong United
“Old Rugged Cross (thank you Lord)” by: Lakeside Church
Offering Experience
Message – Dr. Paul Suich
Prayer Experience

“Hungry” by: Kathryn Scott
Sunday really was a great time of worshiping together as the church body. There were many challenges for myself and the band before the service began though. It always amazes me how many people only see the work of God on a Sunday morning when the band is feeling so ambushed. But it’s silly that I would even be amazed at that. God is at work in ALL things at all times. So this morning I saw this quote by: Robert Murray McCheyne, that has cleared somethings from my head for me.

“Live near to God, and so all things will appear to you little in comparison with eternal realities.” Robert Murray McCheyne

How much do we make out of the little things? I make MUCH out of them most of the time and it only drives me crazy and makes me feel all gross inside. My prayer today for myself and our church is that we all find our way to living near God so we can see what things are most important and what things are not. I’m grateful today for Gods love and that he has redeemed me, forgiven me and is restoring me each moment.

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