>Songs We Sing @ Vine 1-16-11

>”Hallelujah (shout to the earth) by: Vineyard USA
“How Great Thou Art”
“Old Rugged Cross (thank you Lord) by: Lakeside Church
“Holy God” by: Brian Dorksen
Message – Pastor Mike
Let Our Faith Not Be Alone

Sunday was a great acoustic Sunday. Just Nikki and myself. The band was off. I do love the band very much but there is such a freedom when it’s just Nikki and I. Nothing really compares to it. The video clip above is from a few weeks ago not from this past Sunday. I couldn’t get past the words on Sunday Nikki sang from the song “Holy God” by: Brain Dorksen. Look at this verse:

“Romancing, pursuing, reclaiming to restore,

releasing hearts, transforming lives,

The lions mighty roar”

At first I wondered about the romancing part because I don’t want to sing girly worship songs. But to think that God is pursuing me like we do each other when we really like someone to me is pretty powerful. I did crazy things when I fist met Nikki to let her know how much I liked her. To let her know I loved her. Do I continue that? Do any of us? But God continues to do so. With the strength and might of a Lion. So to reclaim and restore us. There’s nothing tender and sweet about that. And that’s captivates me about the verse. “Releasing hearts, transforming lives, The Lions mighty roar!” Man that’s powerful! May we know that truth, may it saturate our being this week.

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