>Recreate 2011 Food pt.1

>Whenever I experience wonderful food I take a picture of it and share it with friends on FB. Been doing that for years now to some of my friends & relatives dislike or annoyance. 🙂 I get excited from experiencing great food simple as that. To me it’s not much different from when we take music heard on the radio and attach it to our emotions and somehow it pins itself onto certain time periods of our life. We never forget that stuff. The first time I heard “We Built This City” by: Starship on the radio I was a 5th grader at Londonderry Elementary in Hummelstown, PA. They played that tune a gazillion times. I can smell the aroma of my stinky room, the color of the walls, and where my bed was placed. So weird. It was from that excitement over a silly song that I thought to myself, “wow, you know I could write songs just like Starship does”. Then I wrote my first two songs. One was about chopping & stacking wood for my Dad to use in the fire. The other was about doing homework and improving my grades because they weren’t so great that year. I’ll also never forget that I wrote those songs on the back of a calender because I was scared of what my parents might think. I’m not sure why I felt that way. That is something I might need to explore later. 🙂

Those Popsicle’s were so creative and tasted oh so good. I ate the Cookie popsicle and can still taste the cookie bits inside! Oh, man. For some reason, they have attached themselves to an emotion/thought from Randy Elrod’s talk at Recreate 2011. “Do you remember when you used to fly?” When Randy asked that, I went straight back to 5 grade remembering vivid dreams about flying in the front yard. They were the dreams that you woke up from and were slightly confused that it wasn’t real. I hope someday I get to experience Popsicle’s that good again. I won’t forget the impression they had on me and what I hear in my head when I think about them. “HL, dream, remember how you used to fly!”
One last note. I saw @DaveBriley eat 3 of them at #recreate11

4 thoughts on “>Recreate 2011 Food pt.1

  1. >yeah I grew up in Hershey. Where outside of Reading? I'm headed back up that way for my 20 year highschool anniversary. I don't miss the cold up there. I like it here in FL.

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