Songs We Sing @ FPCVine 6/5/11

(FPCVine band today, HL, Bob, Stan, Jess, Kenny, Chad)
– currently listening to: “Story of Our Lives – Disc 1” by: @thevioletburning –

:Vine Set List: 6/5/11
Call to Worship/Call & Response
Psalm 40 Reading
Message – Kenny Ellis
1. “Hallelujah What A Savior” by: Shelly Moore
2. “Mighty To Save” (Mac Powell version)
3. “Mighty Is Our God” by: Patrick Ryan Clark
4: “Only The Blood” by: Jeff Capps
5: “Outrageous” by: Lakeside Church (Gabriel Wilson)

First, I have to admit that I’ve rather enjoyed the time away from blogging. I have blogged FPCVines worship gatherings Sunday Set Lists over the last 4 years until these last 3 months where I just kinda stopped doing it. I’m hoping I don’t take anymore long pauses in blogging from here on out. So here’s to my return to the Sunday Set List crew.

This whole series we are studying laments in the Psalms and arranging our worship order like the psalms with our singing at the end of the service. The first few weeks I think it was throwing people off, but now most are enjoying it, I think. 🙂 I am! The mornings are always so rushed for myself & the band, now we actually get to enjoy the message and then respond with an offering of praise. I’m digging it, though it only last a few more weeks. I’m super stoked for our Summer series on Ephesians. I love that book. It’s good to be back. The journey continues….HL

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2 thoughts on “Songs We Sing @ FPCVine 6/5/11

  1. so glad you jumped back in HL – i love having the opportunity to learning from one another.

    stay connected,

    btw: love the picture; you guys look like you are having FUN together!

  2. Good to have you back… I spend the month of August in Melbourne Beach each summer. Looking into catching a Sunday morning with you.

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