Songs We Sing @ Vine 7-3-11

(Jess, Riz, Leo, Chad, HL, Nikki @ FPC Vine )

Currently listening to: Andy Zipf  new CD “Jealous Hands


  • How Can I Keep From Singing” by: Ike Ndolo
  • Outrageous” by: Lakeside Church
  • Sweetly Broken” by: Jeremy Riddle
  • Awake O Sleeper” by: Ike Ndolo
  • Unison Scripture Reading
  • Holy God” by: Brian Doerksen
  • Message
  • Only the Blood” by: The Village Church
  • Offering
  • Mission Trip Commission
  • Stand in Awe” by: Jeremy Riddle

Right now I’m blogging from Siesta Key FL at Turtle beach campground with my coffee in hand. ”  It has been a nice relaxing stay so far.  Got some sun burn, been eating well, and I absolutely love swimming in the ocean!  Had a nice 4 mile run this morning and now I’m listening to Andy Zifp’s newest refreshing project “Jealous Hands”

This past Sunday was the first day in 4 years of leading worship at FPC that the sound was working correctly!  The band actually got to rehearse on a Saturday morning this week.   Sounds crazy to say but in 4 years we haven’t practiced any other time other than Sunday’s mornings.  It’s not for everyone but it has really worked out well for us.   For so many years I would have band practice on Thursday evenings and we would struggle through practices, only to rehash the same stuff on Sunday mornings during sound check. This process of Sunday morning Sound check/rehearsal time has really forced everyone to really know their stuff and relying on the each other more.  If you don’t know your stuff it’s not the easiest environment I guess because everyone is relying on the other to know his music.  A big plus was we all got to sleep in Sunday morning and show up at 9:30 am instead of 8:30am.  We will continue rehearsing on Sunday mornings though.  It has continued to work well for us.  I’m very grateful for the band gang I get to lead with on Sundays. Very blessed to know each of them. The all very dedicated musicians whom I love tremendously.

It’s time to go back to the beach!

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