Songs We Sing @ Vine 7-17-11

(Bob, Kenny, Michelle, HL)

Currently Listening to: “10,000 Reasons” by: Matt Redman

  • “Wonderful” by: Brenton Brown
  • “Open The Eyes Of My Heart” by: Paul Baloche
  • “Your Blood” by: Matt Redman
  • “How Great Thou Art/How Great is Our God” by: Hine/Tomlin
  • “How Can I Keep from Singing” by:Ike Ndolo version
  • “Psalm 103” by: The Fathers House
This past Sunday was we had a nice mix of tunes that I really enjoyed leading with Bob, Kenny & Michelle. I had a few goofy moments on guitar, but thankfully it was not to much of a distraction. Great thing about worship is it’s not about me so I don’t have to beat myself up over my mistakes when I have them. I am extremely blessed by the gang I get to lead with each Sunday too. This week Bob, Kenny & Michelle played and sang with such heart, passion and care. They are sweet, kind and talented people.
This week we introduced “Wonderful” by: Brenton Brown.  I have been wanting to introduce this one for awhile. Though the first note of the song I messed up pretty badly. I had practiced it like a mad man, and still screwed it up right out of the gate. Thankfully the song ended up going pretty well and I felt like people connected with it.  🙂 My favorite part of our singing time was Matt Redman’s version of “Nothing but the blood” titled: “Your Blood” It’s such a powerful song then straight into “How Great Thou Art” just guitar and vocals, right into “How Great is Our God” full band and rocking out the end of the song and back into the chorus of “How Great Thou Art” with a punch.  Very thankful for those before me and around me now who write such great words and melodies.

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