Songs We Sing @ FPC Vine 7-31-11

(Jess, Chad, Stan, Riz, Leo, HL, Nikki 7-31-11 Vine Band)

Currently Listening to: Michael Kettere (Love / War / Solar System)

  • “Higher (empires fall)” by: Brenton Brown
  • “Mighty is Our God” by: Patrick Ryan Clark
  • “In Christ Alone” (Matt Papa version)
  • “10,000 Reasons (bless the lord) by: Matt Redman
  • “Outrageous” by: Lakeside Church
Worship this past Sunday was one of those you walk away from wishing you could have kept going.  I don’t just mean the music, but everything.  The fellowship with the band, the words in the songs, the message, the jams, & the moving of the holy spirit.  Honestly I’m a mess of a leader if I’m grateful for those who help me along the way.  I love that gang.
Here’s a clip from this past Sunday. “Outrageous” by: Gabriel Wilson who leads at Lakeside Church.

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