Songs We Sing @ FPC Vine 9-11-11

Currently listening to: “Sigh No More” by: Mumford & Sons

  • Rev 5:12 Video
  • Call to Worship in Unison
  • “MAJESTIC” by: Lincoln Brewster
  • “ALIVE IN US” by: Hillsongs Live
  • “WHAT WONDROUS LOVE” (Brooks Williams style)
  • “SAVIOR KING” by: Hillsong Chapel
  • prayer of adoration – Responsive reading
  • Offering
  • Message – Dr. Paul Suich
  • Sending – Dr. Paul Suich
The past several months have been a crazy journey of training for triathlons, going camping with the family, dressing up like crazy animals for VBS, working events at the church, Sunday morning worship gatherings, and dealing with some really odd allergic reactions which have been effecting me in many ways.  Last Sunday right before service I had a reaction to what I’m not sure and during the service my lips grew as big as hot dogs while I was singing.  Kinda funny and kinda not.  Because I could feel it coming right before the service began I took several Benadryl in order to slow down the swelling. (Thank you Chad & Jess for letting me borrow your dogs Benadryl 🙂  ha.
    Well, by the 4th song the medicine was truly kicking in and I was not feeling myself by any means.  My focus was not focused. Thankfully the band helped keep it all together.  I love those people.  Such a blessing in my life.  Well, I am still not sure what is causing the reactions.  I’ve been to the doctor, had my back stuck with a ton of needles and we’ve yet to pinpoint the true culprit.  The swelling and hives can get quite bad. Hopefully in soon i will know how to better deal with this.
    So this past sunday 9/11/11 I had no facial swelling or hives of any kind, thankfully.  I have to say my favorite moment of the morning was when we all sang “What Wondrous Love” together.  The way we are leading it is very groove oriented.  Reminds me of Brooks Williams or John Mayer stylistically.  The words and tune stick in my head and are a constant reminder of how I am loved and the hope I have.
Ok, if I’m really honest I’m can let myself get down when I’m not feeling on my A game.  Like how I had missed allot important training time due to the allergy issues and I didn’t feel prepared for my last triathlon on Saturday. I was slightly worried that at any moment I might swell up since it happened right on stage during a worship service.  And I wasn’t sure I could even finish the race since I hadn’t done enough training on the run portion.
Then on Saturday morning while I was swimming, biking and running, I kept hearing those words in my head. “What Wondrous Love, what wondrous love is this, O my soul”
    I began to realize I was ready and the worry that I wasn’t prepared was all mental.  I was prepared and I could do the race.  I had a smile on my face most of the race and soaked up ever ounce of it.  Capturing pictures in my mind of the lake as I raced around it on my bike.  Those were beautiful moments.  It’s silly. I done the preparation. 4am bike rides, afternoon swims, 5am runs around the lake over and over again.  Maybe not as much as I was supposed to but I was ready, enough to race. Enough so I beat my last last race time by 3 minutes on Saturday.  It felt so good afterwords and silly  to think how mentally defeated I was earlier.
    How much is training for a race like my relationship with God?  On Saturday I viewed my ability to complete the race  on the terms of how much of my training I had actually completed.  And because I missed several key workouts I mentally broke down and almost gave up and bowed out.  I can do the same thing, well, no, many times I do the same thing in my relationship with God.  If I am not up to par with where I think I should be I back down and fall into a hiding place where I can not be seen and sit in defeat.
Matt 10:29-31 “29. Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? And not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your father. 30. But even the hairs on your head are all numbered. 31. Fear not, therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.”
    Recognizing how much I am loved is much like coming out of hiding and letting the sun expose me for who I really am and letting my skin absorb the truth of how much the Saviour adorns, pursues, heals, & restores, me. I can feel the flow of water rushing over me, cleansing me, renewing me, refreshing me.  Yet it is so easy for me to go back into the caves and shadows of my selfish heart and deprive it.  Effecting my passions, my family and those whom I have relationships with.
   With all of my being I want to trust Jesus and walk out into the ever flowing waterfall, singing “To God and to the Lamb I will sing.  I will sing.  What a Wondrous Love, what a Wondrous Love”

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