Songs We Sing at FPC Vine 9-18-11

(Michelle, Kenny, Chad, Bob, HL & Nikki this past Sunday)

Currently listening to: “We Will Be Changed” by: Seryn

  • “WONDROUS LOVE” (walk in music)
  • Video
  • Unison prayer
  • “MAJESTIC” by: Lincoln Brewster
  • “ALIVE IN US” by: Hillsong Live
  • “BEFORE THE THRONE OF GOD” (Sojourn version)
  • “MIGHTY IS OUR GOD” by: Patrick Ryan Clark
  • baptism/offering
  • Message – pastor Mike
  • “YAHWEW” by: Hillsong Chapel (my new fav)
  • benediction
  • “YOUR GRACE IS ENOUGH” by: Chris Tomlin
You know your morning is gonna be rough when you wake up angry.  Wow, my dreams had me all messed up Sunday morning.  I woke up all twisted up inside. And that was a tough funk to get out of.  It was like a battle all morning for me.  That said, the morning went pretty well.  God is faithful and good.  But I am in need of some serious spiritual renewal and  looking for to my time at Refuge SSI this October. with Fred Mckinnon and gang of other ragamuffins.
    Alright, I am extremely blessed, or should I say our church is so blessed with the hearts and talents of our musicians.  I have such respect and love for each of them.  They are all so different and bring so much to the table.  I’m very thankful for them in my life.
    If you haven’t heard Reuben Morgan’s newest song “Yahweh”.  You need to check it out on Hilsongs live disc “God is Able”.  Super beautiful song.  It really captures me and leads me out of myself and into a time of God focused prayer.  I can’t wait to sing it again with the church!
    I have next weekend off for the first time in a good while.  I’m headed to PA for my 20th year high school reunion.  Hard to believe it’s been that long.  I have so many people I want to see while I’m up there and not enough time to see them all unfortunately.  I lived in PA for 19 years of my life.  So many memories and good friends there still to this day.  I hope I can handle the cold weather.  I’ve been down south for a long time!  ha.
See on the other side. 🙂
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