Songs We Sing @ FPCvine 10-16-11

FPCvine Band 10-16-11

  • Call to Worship
  • “Pour out Your Spirit Lord” by: Evan Wickham
  • “Joyful” by: Brenton Brown
  • “Psalm 103” by: The Fathers House
  • “Yahweh” by: Hillsong Chapel
  • offering
  • Message – Kenny Ellis
  • “Nail My Glory” by: Na Band (Sovereign Grace music)
We had a great morning on Sunday.  I loved sharing the morning in song with our church body and the band members.  Each song had great words and music to go with it.  We had a new drummer who killed it.  Many thanks to @billhorn for sending Cory our way 🙂  There wasn’t a moment in our worship time I didn’t enjoy.  I can’t wait till next weekend to do it again!

2 thoughts on “Songs We Sing @ FPCvine 10-16-11

  1. I’m really itching now to try “Joyful.” It was on my radar, but hearing you guys do it gives me a little better perspective about how it might be received by our congregation. I love that song!

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