Songs We Sing @ FPC Vine 10-23-11

FPC Vine Band 10-23-11

  • “Sing Over Your Children” by: Matt Maher
  • “Joyful” by: Brenton Brown
  • “Psalm 103” by: the Fathers House
  • “Alive in Us” by: Hillsong Live (reuben morgan)
  • “I Stand Amazed” (Northpoint Live version)
  • “God is Able” by: Hillsong Live (reuben morgan)
Sunday was a fast action packed shoot em up, blow em up kinda movie day for me.  Very  busy and draining sort of morning. And yet I found myself Sunday lost in the words and spirit.  I was seeing the band kinda leading it on their own.  I played a part yes, but I felt like i floated around and no I was not on anything 🙂  I was just free during that time to hear the words and the melodies and soak up Gods presence. It was a beautiful moment of time for me.  I’m super grateful for the gang of people I get to share those times with.

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