Songs We Sing @ FPC Vine 10-30-11

(currently listening to: the sounds of “Daniel Bashta”)

  • “Restless” by: Audrey Assad
  • “Hosanna (praise is rising) by: Paul Baloche
  • “Joyful” by: Brenton Brown
  • “God is Able” by: Reuban Morgan (hillsong chapel)
  • “Holding Nothing Back” by: Tim Hughes
Sunday was chalk full of craziness, but the good kind 🙂 I went into my office, breathed deep and sang the word Shalom over several times.  Took a moment to rest in the power of Gods love for me.  Then went on with the morning.  I had such a good time worshiping with our church and the band gang.  Then got to spend a couple hours hanging with friends, eating great food ie: lots of candy corn and watched the kido’s have a blast at the FPC Fall Festival.  Later in the afternoon after a good hard nap I ran 11 miles and needed to take another nap.  As a whole Sunday was a beautiful day.  I love getting to do what I do.  I love knowing that God has never left me, has never failed me, and never will.  I love knowing that I am broken and beautiful in the Fathers eyes.  knowing that I can find rest there in the brokenness and the beautiful.  God is good, so good.

2 thoughts on “Songs We Sing @ FPC Vine 10-30-11

  1. Love seeing and hearing you guys do this song, HL.

    Great setlist. I like the way you changed things up and opened with “Restless” – I think it is good to sometimes begin in that slower more reflective space and allow people to move deeper into the expansive waters of worship.

    Stay connected…


  2. Hey buddy!
    Fun to see you playing 🙂 It’s been too long. Good set list… have you listened to any of the Jesus Culture stuff coming out of Redding, CA? Check out Bryan & Katie Torwalt… just downloaded their stuff today and am blown away.

    Anywho, thanks for the bd note. Much love to you and Nikki!


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