Songs We Sing @ FPC Vine 11-6-11

HL, Elise, Michelle, Kenny, Bob & Stan Vine Band 11-6-11

(Currently listening to: “THE SOUNDS” of Daniel Bashta)

  • “Holy, holy, holy” (Stephen Curtis Chapman version)
  • “Mighty To Save” by: Hillsong United
  • “Psalm 103” by: The Fathers House
  • “Rock of Ages (When the day seems long)” by: Sandra Mckracken
  • “Yahweh” by: Hillsong Chapel
Vine went well this week, I had some slip ups on the guitar trying to cover the lead parts but for the most part technically things went well. I’m struggling to find balance in allowing people the time to enter into a time of worship where they are lost in His presence but stay in tune with the time I’m alloted. I want us to rejoice on Sundays but I’m aware of the brokenness among the people God has coming to FPCVine.  So much that I do not want us to rush our time with God.  People are walking around in the rubble when they enter the doors of FPC.  Their own, the rubble of others, and heck even my own.
We have one more week in 1 Peter which has been good then we have “Christ the King” week before Advent.  I can’t believe we are already so close to Thanksgiving and Christmas!
I’m feeling the need to share more of my journey here, but hesitate for fear.  The one thing that holds me back.  Fear.  I can hear Debby Barry speaking to me now at RefugeSSI.  🙂

2 thoughts on “Songs We Sing @ FPC Vine 11-6-11

  1. Terry I love Daniels “on the incarnation” record. We used several tracks from it last year. I’m really digging High Street Hymns christmas tunes right now. I’m using “restless” by Switchfoot for Christ the King sunday right before Advent kicks off.

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